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New Video!!
Pick Up Video!
KENTA HAYASHI Ambient Live Looping set @OZORA Festival @AMBYSS 2019 in Hungary
Official Music Video -Slow Flow-
Official Music Video -Shinobu Sakura-
Live at 
Jungle Love Festival'18
in Sunshine Coast , Australia
Radio InterFM 897 
「The Dave Fromm Show」
Studio Interview & Live set
-Slow Flow- LIVE
@春風 Spring Love Festival'19
in Tokyo Japan

Sofar Sounds London'15

​Sofar Sounds was started in England. Now it's spread all over the world. KENTA HAYASHI's first Sofar Sounds show in London.

​This song [Trill] is on the 4th new Album.

イギリス発祥、現在世界中で開催されているSofar Soundsに発祥の地ロンドンで出演。New Album「Loop444」にも収録されている「Trill」。四季のような変化が一曲中に表現されている様子はまるで人生の物語のよう。


FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL is the biggest festival in Japan. 140 thousand people visit every year. It was Kenta's one of dreams since when he was 15 years old when he started playing the guitar.

The excitement is in this video. 

 がKENTA HAYASHIと共にFUJIROCKヘ潜入&収録!スペシャルゲストにタップダンサーSaro氏、Gypsy Avalonステージにて異形のVJリキッドライトペインティングAtsushi Harata氏を迎えた、その場の熱気をそのままに感じる全編53分!!

KENTA HAYASHI [Heaven] -444Hz Loop Pedal Ninja-

Filmed by Gordon Pace at Shimokitazawa Circus

Official Music Video -Drill- by KENTA HAYASHI Filmed by TOSHI GraphiX

Official Music Video -Slept Baked- by KENTA HAYASHI Filmed by KA2@A.D.P.

A short documentary right before the 5th new album Creation & Recording
in Berlin
(English subtitle version will be up soon)
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